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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find many answers to Elder Home Companions questions that have been asked of us over the years. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly.
     - P. Ann Sanders….President/Coordinator

1. What is Elder Home Companions?

Elder Home Companions is a companion service with over eleven years of experience in senior homecare that coordinates, supervises and orchestrates in home non-medical practical care for seniors.

2. What does Elder Home Companions do to ensure we receive professional care in our home?

Elder Home Companions are carefully screened personally by our coordinator and have an extensive criminal background check and Department of Motor Vehicle verification conducted by a private investigative company at our expense.

3. How is Elder Home Companions different from similar services?

First we meet with the family in the client's home to get a clear understanding of the client's condition, needs and preferences. The together we sit down to compile a guideline of daily activities and duties for the companion. We all work together until everyone is comfortable with the arrangement.

During our second meeting, we introduce the companion that we feel is best suited for the client. This time they have a chance to become acquainted while our Coordinator and the family observe the interactions directly. Upon approval of the client and/or family, the companion will start the position.

4. How are your companions prepared to meet the needs of their new client?

As mentioned in #3, the companion is introduced to the client and family prior to starting the position. In addition, they will receive an exact copy of the Client's Information Profile that has been completed by the client or the Responsible Party. In this way the companion has the opportunity to review it in detail, and if there are any questions, they will be answered prior to starting services.

5. Who pays the companion? Do I pay you separately?

Elder Home Companions are our employees. We take care of payroll, employee/employer taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance. In this way, you are not responsible for reporting employment information to government authorities, or any issue pertaining to immigration status. This is all taken care of for you. You are billed weekly and we accept most major credit cards and personal checks.

6. Are your services available in Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes or Rehabilitation centers?

Yes. Our services are able to be rendered anywhere seniors need assistance. Prior authorization must be received at these facilities to be able to start services.

7. Does Medicare for Private Insurance pay for your services?

No. Medicare does not cover companion services, but there are some long-care insurance policies that do. Consult with you individual insurance policy.

8. How far in advance should we contact Elder Home Companions prior to starting services?

You may call us at anytime. As soon you know you would like services. It is imperative that we meet with the client and/or family to ensure proper care. In this way we can make the best possible match for your needs.

But there are times when a situation arises that requires expediency. Under those stressful situations we will do our best to accommodate you in a timely manner, helping you to ease your stress.

9. What type of Elder Home Companion services do you offer?

We offer:
     Overnight /12 hours
     24 Hour Live-In / Daily/Weekly
to meet you individual needs…

10. Your office is based in Long Island, New York. Does that mean you only accept clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties?

No. We do offer services for Nassau and Suffolk counties, but we also provide companion services for the five boroughs of New York.